Saturday, 27 October 2012

Work in progress and a rebuild

After the Leeds Steampunk Fair I was contacted with an enquiry, could I make a functional tea pot in the style of the space scouts?

There's nothing like a challenge to get me going, so here's a couple of pictures of work in progress. I've made extra lids and spouts so I can select the ones that I like best.

The tea pot is drying out ready for its first, biscuit firing.

Meanwhile I've been "rebuilding" a clock.  It kept good time but the face needed a small repair. The workman found more things that had to be fixed, then he said he had to bring a couple of mates to help. They say it'll be finished by next week, probably. It still keeps good time though.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Leeds Steampunk Fair - 7 October

A wonderful day - started early setting up at Left Bank in Headingley. The doors opened at mid-day and we were busy all afternoon with customers, friends and lots of tea. All the stall holders, organisers and supporters were in costume, lots of customers also dressed for the occasion.



I got into the spirit of the event with my own costume. There was a lot of interest in the Space Scouts, the mugs and trinkets sold well, the Intergalactic Space Muffins caused much amusement and bemusement,  and my small people Amos and Philo departed for further adventures with another family.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

All dressed up and somewhere to go.


I've been busy  getting ready to go to the Leeds Steampunk Market  where I will have a stall on Sunday 7 October. 


 There will be new space scouts, treasures and trinkets. My small friends will be coming with me to enjoy the event. 

And getting into the spirit of the occasion I have made a special costume which will be revealed at the fair tomorrow.