Friday, 25 January 2013

New stuff and new directions.

Belated New Year greetings. January has been a busy month, taking the ideas I was developing in December turning them into what I hope will be new beginnings. The weathered test tile from December inspired this group of ceramic boxes, they are fairly small, just the right size to hold a piece of treasure.

I've been experimenting with majolica, a tin glazed pottery decorated with oxides that when fired has lovely bright colours. This is a very different decorative technique for me, and I think one with huge potential to bring a new feel to my Space Scouts.

These new pots have gone into my submission to the Saltaire Arts Trail  which was sent off  this week. I hope to hear next month if I been fortunate & gained a place in the Art Trail or Maker's Fair.

Over the past months I have been feeling increasingly unhappy at my paid work and have been looking for ways to re-balance my life with more of the artistic work that I love. Next month I start working for a PTLLS qualification through Artworks Creative Communities  which will allow me to teach and take workshops sharing my love of ceramics. 

So, I'm going to clear out the (frosty) cobwebs and look forward to a year full of potential.