Monday, 28 April 2014

The new sewing machine

It's been a while since my last post; the Sewing Bee was a success in the sense that I kept the class going and will be returning this week to take the Sewing Bee for the whole term. This time I've been able to plan and prepare a complete scheme of work for the whole 10 weeks based on re-using, recycling and repairing. New students will be able to discover traditional sewing skills and techniques within an interesting, exciting and contemporary context and returners will be able to continue their projects which are already moving into re-using materials and adapting from existing garments. I'll be working on my own project with the class making myself a shirt from an old dress aiming to demonstrate as many different processes and techniques  as possible in one garment. 

I'm looking forward to the first class on Friday, and to mark the moment  I've bought myself a new sewing machine. 

It's quite old and needs some considerable TLC though: ... .. ... ...

I saw it months ago in the window of the clock and watch repairers in Otley and I've been thinking about it ever since. The start of a new sewing project was just the right time to see if it was still there, and now it sits on my work table ready for refurbishment.

I've not abandoned ceramics, and will soon be getting busy in the pottery again. I've submitted proposals for three different short classes next year; if they all run it'll mean preparing lots (and lots) of examples and tests to practise and demonstrate the techniques I'll be teaching. Ceramifabricals indeed!!

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